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These are the bones in a good landscape . Thousands of forms exist ranging from minute to gigantic . Sadly over the years many gardeners purchased so called dwarf conifers only to have them become giants in their gardens , luckily many new books and specialist knowledge has emerged and hopefully these errors will not reoccur . Much of the problem with sizing was caused by most information coming from the northern hemisphere with it`s totally different climate to ours. Buying conifers from a true specialist nursery, will save customers much future angst.

Conifers range from groundcover forms never more than a few centimetres high to towering giants several hundreds of feet high, some live for thousands of years such as the Bristlecone Pine and our own native Huon Pine , some classify as living fossils such as Metasequoia , Ginkgo , Cathaya and our own Wollemia , several species are deciduous , Larch , Metasequoia , Taxodium, Ginkgo and Glyptostrobus . Colours range from blue , green , yellow , white , red , variegated and many shades in between, several have cold weather colour changes as well as new colours in spring . Some species are adapted to dry conditions and several are happy with wet feet . Shapes vary from flat on the ground to columnar , globose , contorted , bushy , pyramidal, weeping and many more.

Conifers are generally hardy and attractive garden plants , and have many uses , depending on variety, including specimen planting , windbreaks , privacy screens , rockery subjects , groundcovers , topiary or potted specimens , etc . The vast majority are easily grown if given an open sunny position in well drained average garden soil .