Deciduous perennials ideally suited for the shady moist garden areas. Sizes vary from minute, only a few centimeters across to bold specimens one or two meters across. Most varieties make superb potted specimens. Thousands of varieties exist overseas where they have become the most popular perennial, not grown for floral display, in both England and America. The colour range and leaf variegation pattern designs are seemingly endless. One or two hours of sunlight can be tolerated by the majority and some varieties will handle much more . Over the years the continual ill informed harping by some has given these plants a bad press regarding their favour with the snail and slug populations. Logic dictates that these garden pests inhabit the same moist and semi shaded areas as the Hostas prefer, so a pre-emptive strike with snail pellets or a dry surface mulch like sawdust is a good idea. Many varieties available these days are usually pest resistant and, even if the plants are attacked, next spring they come back brand new! Some of the varieties we stock are listed on the linked pages;