Manx Plants


The Weeping / Dissectum / Laceleaf , forms:

Although giving the appearance, with their fine leaves, of being delicate, most are extremely hardy if sufficient moisture is available. Cold winds and searing afternoon sun can cause burning of the leaf margins, if they are under moisture stress but mulching over the root zone, preferably with lucerne, and a little afternoon shade will generally cure this.

Most forms are rounded mushroom shaped shrubby plants with strongly cascading branches. When viewed in winter, minus their leaves, the bare branch structure can be quite spectacular on older specimens. These laceleaf weepers, of the Japanese maple group, are generally the most popular and prized and continue to get better and more appealing with age.

The root systems are non invasive and usually fairly shallow , so cultivating inside the foliage drip line is not recommended. Japanese maples are not heavy feeders and only a light application of a complete fertiliser in late winter, can be done, if needed . Pruning if needed at this time is also o`k. The ten forms marked with asterisks in the following list of the forms we normally have available, are in our opinion exceptional. This selection is from personal experience and preference and does in no way take away from the beauty of the other forms listed, or other peoples choices.