Manx Plants

WISTERIAS: A genus of several species from the Orient and Americas. All are very hardy even quoted down as far as minus 27 degrees farenheit! Of the seventy or so forms we imported and collected over many years the cultivars in our descriptive list are what we feel are the best available. Several Chinese selections perform well in warmer areas, Amethyst, Blue Pacific and Jako, in particular but we have been disappointed in their early cooler weather performance. The American species macrostachys and frutescens and their cultivars are poor substitutes as garden plants. The first has honey scented racemes but the bushes tend to be unruly and could become a pest if not heavily maintained the latter has small almost insignificant racemes that do not make it very appealing for the garden.

Unless the gardener is prepared to keep a close watch and prune regularly we never recommend having Wisterias connected to a house in any way . Free standing structures such as pergolas or walkways are far safer . Wisterias also can be grown as free standing shrubs or as standards , they also make superb potted features . Pruning once the plant has reached it`s desired size or shape should be done in mid to late summer, some recommend winter pruning as well, we don`t as it is too easy to remove the spring flowering buds . Full sun if possible is the best positioning for new plantings and plenty of water in the first season to aid in establishing .